Off-site Virtual Machine Backup – Overview

  • Protect your business with off-site, whole-server backup technology from Veeam
  • Backups occur daily
  • Supports VMware or HyperV hypervisors
  • Two backup locations: local and off-site
  • Rapid recovery options:
    • File level restore
    • Restore entire server from local backup
    • Server brought to your location
  • Everything managed, monitored, and stored in a secure datacenter

Off-site Virtual Machine Backup – Features & Benefits

  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Minimal upfront investment
  • Eliminates maintaining backup systems for you
  • Server-level and file-level restore capabilities
  • Data is backed up locally and remotely
  • Backup systems monitored 24×7 by DataWard
  • Hardware is maintained by DataWard
    • Captures  go entire virtual machine in VMware or HyperV
      • File-level recovery included
      • Default backup retention is one week
    • Secure connections
      • off-site backup
      • 24×7 monitoring of hardware, software, and Backup success / failure
    • Leverage high availability with two backups
      • 1st copy located at your site to facilitate fast recovery
      • 2nd copy located at secure datacenter for disaster recovery
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Recovery Scenarios